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Blog Posts in 2015

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Your Guide to DIY Dog Beds

Are you looking for the perfect bed for your dog? The answer might be in the fabric store, not the pet store. Creating your own dog bed is easier than you may think, and your homemade version is bound ...
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Using Lace for Your Wedding Dress

If you’re picking out bridal fabric for your wedding dress at a wholesale fabric store near San Francisco, consider choosing lace fabric. Lace fabric is a timeless, sophisticated option for ...
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How to Care for Silk Fabric

Silk is a great option for bridal fabrics and other luxury fabric needs, and can often be found at a fabric outlet. If you’ve recently purchased silk fabric at a fabric store in Berkeley, you ...
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Choosing the Right Style of Wedding Dress

With so many options for wedding dresses, it’s easy to find one that will make you feel comfortable, happy, and beautiful on your big day. If you’re having a wedding dress custom designed ...
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A New Color for Your Sofa

Reupholstering your sofa is an inexpensive, easy way to breathe new life into your home décor. It is also an ideal solution for a sofa bought at a thrift store or secondhand shop. If ...
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Wedding Dress Shapes

When choosing a wedding dress, you’ll have to decide between many different styles, cuts, and wedding fabrics in San Francisco. The cut, or overall shape, of your wedding dress can create a ...
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The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Dresses

While choosing the perfect wedding dress may seem like the most important decision surrounding your big day, it doesn’t have to be the most stressful one. Whether you’re buying a ...
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Let Discount Fabrics Help with Your Special Event

Are you looking for discount fabrics in San Francisco or Berkley for your next special event? Whether you’re planning on making costumes for Halloween or a theatre production or picking out ...
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Which Upholstery Fabric Is Right for You?

Reupholstering furniture is any easy way to refresh your home décor or revitalize a thrift shop find without spending a lot of money. If you’re shopping for upholstery fabric in Berkley, ...
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Your Guide to Upholstery Fabrics

Are you getting ready to reupholster a couch or other piece of furniture? With such a huge selection of upholstery fabrics in Berkley, it might be hard to choose the right one for your needs. Use this ...
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Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

Once you visit a fabric store and pick your bridal fabric in San Francisco, it is time to start thinking about the dress design. Sleeves were once reserved for more conservative brides, but they are ...
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Matching Your Wedding Dress to Your Body Type

When you start to consider the perfect wedding dress pattern and begin to look for wedding fabric near San Francisco, you should be sure to think about the best silhouettes for your body type. Use ...
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Trust Discount Fabrics for Your Quilting Needs

Discount Fabrics can help you find the right fabrics for all of your needs. Whether you are taking on a large project or just want to update something in your interior design, it is always helpful to ...
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Why Should You Make Your Own Clothes?

Making your own clothes is a fun and affordable way to express your creativity. You can tailor designs to your exact measurements, and stay on top of new trends, or even start your own. Wholesale ...
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Design Your Own Costumes

Designing your own costumes gives you the freedom to create custom costumes that no one else will have. You can make costumes that fit perfectly and look exactly the way you want them to. Whether ...
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Elegant Wedding Gown Fabrics

It’s important to choose the right bridal fabric for your wedding gown, as certain dress styles work best with specific fabrics. If you’re looking for affordable wedding fabric near San ...
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How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your wedding. You’ll want to choose a wedding dress fabric and style that will make you feel ...
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Fabrics and Lace for Wedding Dresses

Your choice of wedding fabric can greatly influence your style of wedding dress. Lace fabric is a popular choice for wedding dresses because of its beauty and romanticism. Keep in mind, though, that ...
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Fabric for Your Special Event

Can’t find the right outfit for that 70s-themed birthday party? Disappointed with the table linens your wedding venue has for your special day? If you want to find the perfect wholesale fabric ...
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Tips for Shopping for Upholstery Fabric

One of the easiest ways to rejuvenate the look of your house is to reupholster your furniture. Especially when you purchase your sofa upholstery or chair upholstery from a wholesale fabric store ...
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Leave us a Review on Google +!

We love hearing the feedback of our customers. If you have had a positive experience with one of our locations, please navigate over to our Google + places and leave a review! San Francisco: Irving ...
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All About Discount Fabrics

Are you looking for the perfect wedding fabric or upholstery fabric? Then look no further than Discount Fabrics. For more than 30 years, this family-owned and operated fabric store has helped ...
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Getting Started Making Your Own Clothes

Looking for a new way to express your creativity? Making your own clothes can fill that niche. Only in recent decades has it become commonplace to purchase your entire wardrobe from stores. Before ...
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Comparing Satin and Taffeta

When it comes to wedding dresses, brides have a wide array of fabrics from which they can choose. Silk fabric, lace fabric, and even velvet fabric may all be suitable options depending on the season ...
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The Bride's Guide to Wedding Gown Fabrics

From afar, many wedding dresses may appear the same. On closer inspection, though, it become clear that the fabrics used to construct these gowns can vary widely in their look, feel, and support. So ...
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