Crafty Ideas to use Fabric Already at your Home: Make No Sew “Paper Towels”

Right now, seems like becoming self sufficient and resourceful is more important than ever. Here is a way to eliminate buying paper towels while using fabric remnants you have in abundance in your house! Sharing an idea by Sara McFall, owner and founder of My Merry Messy Life. Here is her website for more good ideas:

  1. Start by rolling one cloth from one short end to the other. Then take each subsequent cloth and roll them the same way, but on top of the previously rolled ones. Here is a picture of the second cloth being rolled on top of the first.
  2. Then, insert the one huge roll into the oatmeal container and you can pull out the towels one at a time!
  3. Keep a small trash can in the kitchen where I throw all our cloth products and wash them about once a week – rags, napkins and towels. It is important for the towels and rags to dry before throwing them in the trash, otherwise mildew will set in and it is nearly impossible to get out!