• How Much Fabric Do You Need for Reupholstering?

    We all have that beloved piece of furniture that has unfortunately seen better days. Most of us hide it away until we finally decide to get rid of it, but there is another option! Instead of throwing your beloved furniture away, give it new life by reupholstering it. This option lets you replace the broken and worn down parts of the furniture with newer and better pieces. You can make an old piece usable and redesign it so it fits in with your current home decor style.

    How Much Fabric Do You Need for Reupholstering?

    Before you can start your redesign project, you will need to determine how much fabric you need. Many elements impact how much upholstery fabric you need. This includes the size of the piece, the shape of the piece, how many detachable pieces it contains, and additional features such as zippers and buttons.

    Working with a fabric store is the best way to get a good estimate of how much fabric you need to reupholster your furnishings. You can also find the perfect upholstery fabrics and get advice for your project.

  • Learn How to Make a Tutu for Your Flower Girl

    Your bridesmaids have beautiful dresses to wear, but what about your flower girl? You can make this special member of your bridal party feel like a princess as she sprinkles flower petals down the aisle by making her a pretty tutu!

    What this video for a tutorial on tutus. These cute skirts are easy to make, taking only a few dollars and approximately half an hour to complete. Head to the fabric store to find no-roll elastic and tulle in your desired colors. You will also need a pair of scissors and a tape measure to cut the elastic and tulle. After cutting both, you can easily attach the tulle to the elastic to create your flower girl’s perfect tutu.

    Find all of the products you need to complete this product by visiting a San Francisco discount fabric store .

  • Exploring Natural Upholstery Fabric Options

    Are you looking for natural upholstery fabric options for your San Francisco home? There are many different natural options that offer their own style and durability advantages. Learning about your options will help you determine which ones are right for your home:

    Exploring Natural Upholstery Fabric Options


    Other than wool, cotton is the stronger natural upholstery option. That may be why this upholstery fabric is such a popular option for many different furniture pieces. Cotton can be dyed easily, making it a versatile option that can work with many different decor styles. This upholstery fabric also offers breathability, resulting in comfortable furniture that is great for the most popular rooms in the house.


    As stated above, wool is the strongest natural upholstery fabric you can choose for your home furnishings. This is a great choice if durability is your top priority when searching for upholstery for floors, furnishings, or accessories. Wool can be too harsh for some commonly used furnishings, but it is a great choice for carpeting and area rugs to add warmth to your home.


    This upholstery fabric is not as versatile as others because it is highly susceptible to wrinkles and soils. Linen is still a popular choice because it is stain resistant and offers a touch of elegance and beauty to any decor. You can incorporate this naturally beautiful fabric into your home decor with table linens or window treatments.


    If you are looking for a different feel, you might choose leather for your home furnishings. Leather tends to last longer than many other fabric options, making it a great choice for living room furniture that is used on a regular basis. Homeowners that choose leather also find that it is easy to keep clean and looking great!


    Keep it natural while adding elegance to your home decor with silk fabric upholstery. This option can fit it with a variety of decor styles because it comes in different weights and colors. Silk is a popular choice for window treatments, but you can experiment with different fabrics to find the perfect fit for your home.

  • An Easy Cleaning Guide for Upholstery Fabric

    Visiting a fabric store in San Francisco is the perfect way to find the right fabric for every piece of furniture in your home. You can make the most of your fabric purchases by learning how to properly clean stains that you come across in the future:

    An Easy Cleaning Guide for Upholstery Fabric

    Remove Whatever You Can

    No matter what kind of stain you want to remove from your upholstery fabric, it is important to start by removing however much of whatever caused the stain as you can. If the stain just occurred, use a rubber spatula to carefully pick up the item or a soft cloth to absorb it, trying not to make the stain worse as you do. If the stain is dry, use an appropriate tool to remove any hard or crusty parts that make be rising up off of the upholstery.

    Dust Away Any Leftover Particles

    If you are cleaning a still-wet stain, you will have already removed whatever you can. A dry stain might still have some leftover particles that can be removed in order to return the upholstery to its original appearance. Use some sort of brush to gently go back and forth over the stain. A brush attachment for a vacuum hose is a great tool for this step. You can get a deeper clean by removing the upholstery containing the stain to brush it off if possible.

    Clean and Dry Your Upholstery

    Mix a small amount of mild detergent with water to create a cleaning solution for your sofa or chair upholstery. You should mix the two until they create foam and then use a toothbrush to gently rub the foam onto the upholstery stain. Use a rubber spatula or soft cloth to carefully wipe away the foam once it has removed the stain. Gently blot the area with a clean wet cloth to remove any excess cleaner. Keep all furniture pieces separate to give them adequate time to dry. Once everything is completely dry, put it back into place. These tips should keep all of your fabric upholstery clean and stain-free!