• Where You Can Use Discount Fabric’s Foam and Batting

    Where You Can Use Discount Fabric’s Foam and Batting

    Furniture If you are thinking about updating your upholstery fabric , you should also pick up some foam and batting at the fabric store. These materials give you the tools to completely redo your furniture. Keep reading to learn more about these products and how you can use them in your home:

    Foam and batting can help you add more support and shape to your furniture. Whether you want to re-upholster an armchair, a couch, a headboard, a cushion, or a bench, foam and batting help you enhance the integrity of your furniture while getting a new style from the fabric. Talk to the experts at the fabric store in San Francisco about foam, batting, and upholstery fabric that you can use in your home.

    With the right fabric, you can transform any item in your interior design. Instead of settling for a decor you no longer like or buying completely new furniture, get some upholstery fabric, foam, and batting and rejuvenate your space on your own.

  • Tips for Creating a Beautiful Belly Dancing Bra

    Tips for Creating a Beautiful Belly Dancing Bra

    With the help of a fabric store and a regular bra, you can create your own belly-dancing bra that helps you add your personality to your next routine. Buy a regular bra with a stiff cup and cut off the straps that make it look like a normal bra.

    Find some fun accessories at the fabric store like sequins and beads and cover the front of the bra with them. Use ribbon or a different material as the new straps. Check out this video for more tips on creating your very own belly-dancing bra.

    Whether you want to add unique appeal to your belly-dancing costume or you want to overhaul your home decor, the fabric store in San Francisco has plenty of materials that can help. Spend some time browsing through the fabrics and accessories to find materials that can enhance every facet of your life.

  • Dance Uniforms 101

    Dance Uniforms 101

    Cheerleading uniform When done correctly, a uniform becomes a part of a dance. If you are in charge of creating uniforms for a dance team or class, head to the fabric store and use the following tips to put together some stylish outfits that still allow easy movement:

    Find Some Quality Fabric

    Before you can get started constructing the uniforms, you have to stock up on quality materials. Spandex and Lycra are popular fabrics to use for dance uniforms because they are stretchy enough to move with the dancer. They are also versatile enough to create a wide variety of uniform styles. Talk to the staff at the fabric store about your uniform needs and they will direct you toward fabrics that help you create stylish and functional uniforms for your dance needs.

    Work Carefully

    Dance fabrics require different kind of attention than other materials like silk or cotton. You should always think about how the material will wrap around the body before you start to cut the pattern. When you pin it, make sure that the pins are inside the seam allowance otherwise you might create unnecessary holes in the material that ruin the aesthetic of the final product.

    Add Some Embellishments

    Add some personality to a dance uniform with fun embellishments that make it completely unique and eye-catching. From feathers to sequins, these small details will make a huge impact toward the overall look of the dance uniform. Embellishments also help you create a connective thread between different uniforms so you can still have a theme even if the dancers are wearing different outfits.

    Whether you already know how you want to create dance uniforms or you need a little bit of guidance, your fabric store in San Francisco can help you choose the right materials and accessories with which to create something really special. Spend some time browsing through the store until you know exactly how you want to proceed with your uniforms.