• Selecting Fabric for Throw Pillows

    Throw Pillows in San Francisco Add something new to your decor with throw pillows that make it easy to add color, pattern, and even texture to your current interior design. Use the following tips to help you navigate the fabric store in San Francisco so you can find exactly what you need to enhance your home decor:

    One of the best ways to choose a fabric is to look at the room around it. You want a material that complements other colors and patterns in the room without overpowering them. Hold up some fabric samples near your sofa to see which ones look the best with your current interior design. You might even want to consider adding a few different pillows so you can incorporate a few kinds of fabric into the room’s decor.

    It might be helpful to bring a picture of your living room and your sofa when you go to the fabric store to make it easier to choose something that really works in your space. Use your upholstery fabric to enhance your home by choosing a style that really works with your space.

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  • Avoid Wedding Dress Woes by Making Your Own!

    Finding the perfect wedding dress is almost as demanding as a full-time job. Instead of wasting hours trying on dresses that do not meet your ideal aesthetic, you can buy some wedding fabric and create your dream dress. This gives you a one-of-a-kind style that allows you to achieve your ideal wedding look:

    Wedding Fabrics in San Francisco Choose the Perfect Fabric

    Spend some time browsing through the fabric store until you find a fabric that you can transform into a stunning wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable on your big day. Before you purchase any of the fabric, you should talk to the staff about which fabrics are the easiest to work with so you can create a dress without adding a lot of work to your already heavy load.

    Find Your Perfect Silhouette

    Trying on wedding dresses might still be important if you decide to make your own dress because it gives you an idea about which silhouettes work for your body type. From flared skirts to mermaid-style dresses, there are plenty of silhouettes from which to choose and the only way to see if they work is to try them on.

    Add Some Embellishments

    Just because you are making your own dress does not mean you need to keep it simple. If you want to add some flair to your look, you can sew on a few embellishments that really catch the eye and make the final dress even more beautiful. Adding some lace fabric to silk, for example, is a great way to incorporate just a little bit of texture to give the dress more visual dimension. You might even want to sew on some decorative beads or beautiful buttons that help you create a unique and stunning wedding look.

    Spend some time choosing the perfect wedding fabric near San Francisco so you can create your perfect dress without the need to spend hours trying on dresses at stores throughout the city. Your wedding day is one of the most important experiences of your life, which is why you should have your ideal dress.

  • Say “I Do” to the Perfect Wedding Dress [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and is the beginning of your new journey together with your spouse. If you’re like many people, you may have been dreaming of your perfect wedding since you were young. While you could buy a wedding dress off the rack and have it tailored, your special day deserves a special dress that’s custom-made just for you. You can visit a fabric store to pick out the perfect materials for your wedding dress and veil, and the experts there will help you make sure you get the right silk, satin, and lace fabric for your dream dress. While you’re there browsing wedding fabric options, consider having custom table linens created just for your wedding for a completely unique look.

    Explore this infographic from Discount Fabrics in San Francisco to learn more about choosing wedding fabrics. Feel free to share this helpful info with your friends and fellow soon-to-be-newlyweds!

    Wedding Fabrics in San Francisco

  • Check Out Discount Fabrics

    Discount Fabrics is the ultimate fabric store in the San Francisco area. Whether you need fabric for clothing, upholstery, or costumes, we have it for you. As a family owned and operated full-service fabric store , we give you the materials to create truly beautiful clothing and upholstery.

    As you can see in this video, we have everything from silk fabric to pillow inserts to help you complete any kind of project. Whether you are a fashion student, a home sewer, or a costumer, we make it easy to make something beautiful.

    Spend some time browsing through our fabric store to find everything you need to sew at home. Our materials and attentive sales staff are always here to help you find what you need.

  • Enhance Your Home Décor with the Right Upholstery

    A visit to the fabric store in San Francisco can help you completely transform your home decor. When you choose the right upholstery fabric , you can enhance the features of your interior design and bring new decorative elements to your decor. Keep reading for tips on using upholstery to bring new life to your home design:

    San Francisco Upholstery Fabrics Choose a Comfortable Fabric

    From silk to cotton, there are a variety of fabrics available to suit a variety of style and comfort needs. Choose a fabric depending on where you plan to put your upholstery. If you are placing it on the sofa, for example, you should choose a material that is comfortable and durable. If you are using it for a formal chair that never gets used, you might want to choose silk fabric or another elegant material.

    Find the Right Fit

    One of the most important elements of your upholstery is the way that it fits your furniture. Whether you plan to re-upholster the couch or another piece, it is a good idea to go to a fabric store to find the exact size you need for your furniture.

    Optimize Your Color Scheme

    Do not be afraid of using choosing colorful fabrics that can continue the color scheme of the rest of the room. Look for colorful fabrics that bring some visual depth to your space to enhance the rest of your interior design.

    Add Some Texture with Pattern

    If your current decor seems to be a bit flat, you can use fabrics with texture to add some dimension. Choose patterns that complement the rest of your interior design to bring together all of the decorative elements into a really attractive and cohesive decor.

    When it comes to your home, the fabric store provides a valuable decorating resource to that can help you create your ideal decor. Choose fabrics and upholstery that work well with your other decor choices to create a unified interior design that optimizes the look and feel of your space.